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X-Smart® Pro Endo Motor
X-Smart® Pro Endo Motor
X-Smart® Pro Endo Motor

X-Smart® Pro Endo Motor

£1,885.96 £1,697.36 +VAT
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X-Smart® Pro Endo Motor

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The X-Smart® Pro motor optimizes performance of Dentsply Sirona endodontic treatment solutions. It delivers up to 7.5 N·cm and 3,000 rpm with optimal performance in both rotary and reciprocating modes.

Touchscreen interface provides easy access to ideal settings for the chosen files, with upgradeable firmware to accommodate tomorrow’s treatments.


BETTER TOGETHER Dentsply Sirona's endo file systems perform significantly better when paired with the X-Smart® Pro endo motor.

GENUINE RECIPROCATING MOTION Fine-tuned reciprocating motion for WaveOne® Gold and RECIPROC® family of files, with precise angulation, acceleration and speed for simplicity, safety and reliability.

ABUNDANT POWER Dedicated power and torque for optimal performance across a full range of anatomies with ProTaper Ultimate™ and VDW.ROTATE® files.

PRECISE SPEED CONTROL AT LOW TORQUE Constant, stable speed control at low torque for improved procedural control with TruNatomy® files, supporting structural dentin preservation.

PATENTED BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR CONTROL Unlike the periodic feedback of brush and sensor-based motor control, X-Smart® Pro+ features a patented sensor less system for 360° speed and torque feedback, enabling quicker reaction times for stable file settings.

  • In reciprocating motion, the X-Smart® Pro+ reaches the apex 21% faster.
  • In rotary motion, the X-Smart® Pro+ reaches the apex 14% faster.


  • X-Smart Pro Endo Motor
  • Mini Contra-Angle with Integrated LED and 360° Adjustable Position
  • Stainless Steel Handpiece Sheath
  • Magnetic Handpiece Holder
  • Accessories Box (Charger with universal power adapters)

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X-Smart Pro

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